Not Since The Dawn Of Time

Not since the dawn of time
Has there been love
More than this…
Not since the constellations
Spilled out of the palm of God.

In me, now,
That same pulse…
As when seas surged on the first shore
The leap of sea-foam
In my veins.

The warmth of your arms,
Golden acreage of strength and sweetness,
Sun, companion,
And nights glittering fiercely
With the pure ice of diamonds,
I am overcome
To have lain on the breast of the Universe.

I exult,
I, who know permanence.
I dare to breathe…
The distillation
Out of the eons
Is you.


There Have Been Loves Before Ours

There have been loves before ours,
Loves that, like the sun,
Emblazon the dark…
Dark made bright
Cold made warm
Jungle tangle penetrable
Anguish bearable.

There have been loves before ours,
Recent, medieval, ancient…
Some, distant as the silver stars
Grown old
But burning yet,
Sweet sound in the soundless void.

There have been
Loves, lives, dreams,
Brilliant, unique
But none stronger
None to last longer,
Love, than ours.

Love controverts time.
When the frail flesh perishes,
Opening its cocoon,
The waiting Universe
Embraces its own.


Love Like This

Breaks over the shore of our being
Like a great surf,
Its power primordial.

What did we know of life
Until it swept over us,
Its depths and mysteries,
Wild kisses of the winds,
Moments, becalmed,
When spray stood still,
Sun warmed?

In us,
Elements conspired.
Moon, sun, sand, sea,
Tossing two laughing souls
On a holy beach.

Union, communion,
Dreamed, undreamed-
Love like this
Captures the cosmos in its kiss.


I Am Come Into The Morning

Without you, love,
I would have only known part,
Not all.
I would have missed much,
The quiet woodlands of your being,
The benediction of your calm.
Without your presence
I would have been halved,
An echo.

If you had not come to claim me
I would have been bereft of self,
Without partner,
Without child,
And the sweet song-birds of our lives
Would have been absent, silent.
I would not have known where to shelter
And I would have wept.

But I have been blessed with my inheritance.
I have been chosen your beloved
And you, I chose, as mine.
We are met, mated, one
In the deepest recesses of all wisdom, God.

With you, love,
I am come into the morning.


How Moving The Wonder

We cannot be split, one from another,
We of the same self, the one being.
How moving the wonder,
The single coin that is us,
Two separate faces, two sides unlike,
All of a piece
All of one core,
The same in differentness.
Marvelous the crafting of love
Melting, minting, melding
In fashion so mysterious it defies all.

Love so calm, so quiet, so steely certain-
Too intense, too pure,
Too permanent for understanding-
There is only knowing, love.
Your beautiful face
And the one voice saying
Forever, now, now
Before now
Beyond now


Great Bird

Let the great bird of love loft in your being.
Let it alight in the unknowing crevices of the spirit
The hidden places you do not sense are there
But fill to bursting when the tide is in.

The legendary bird of love,
So seldom seen, comes unto you
Winging in like a white fall
Out of the dark floods of loneliness
Bursting in on the shackled heart.

Ah, Love
Fling open the warming arms.
Retract the wounding tongues
And in communion
Melt the icicles of doom!

Love, where else the haven but in you?
Where else the eyrie when the winds are wilding,
Where else the tryst
As ancient as the oceans
New as one wave breaking?

This day’s tide is yours,
This life now, love imperishable
Thunders on the beach of your own time.

O turn not away the fabled bird of love
Wheeling down the winded reaches of the world
In quest of you,
Swooping in with providential joy
On the fated landmark of your Self.
You, Love, are the stronghold.
The bird is true.
The myth real.
Love is the pulse of life undying.

Immeasurable, impenetrable, impregnable,
Infinite, in God.


Alchemy Unknown

It could have been another man
But it was you.
Another woman could have lain beside you
In the envelope of your arms.
But it was I.

What sweet fate,
What alchemy unknown
Brought base metal
Into unpredicted beauty,
Gold from the quite ordinary
Substance of our lives,
Defying all known laws of chemistry.

It was chemistry that made love viable
Bringing the glint of undeniable value
To our everyday coin.

There are mysteries profound
And this is one of them.