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Budget your Way out while Preparing for a Send-off for your Loved One

As times go by, people are accepting the fact that death is a part of life and some of them are even arranging their funerals themselves in preparation for what is to come. In spite of this, death is not and has never been easy. The loss of a loved one is hard to cope with and the burden is added by the high cost of funerals. Many families would wish to give their loved ones a perfect final send-off but at what cost? A blog, COTA NSW, quotes the average price of an Australian funeral is around $5000 to $7000. This is not cheap and thus the option of budget funerals in Sydney can be availed. This article highlights ways of planning a classy and yet simple, budget funeral.

Funeral cost research

The first step in planning budget funerals in Sydney is doing research on funeral costs in your area. Different funeral homes have different prices and offer a variety of packages with different paying options. Most of these funeral homes have websites (check :, making your research easier as all the information you require is available. As part of your research, it is important to know that different burial methods also differ with cost. Collect all the information you require to make your budget plan. After the research make a budget list and stick to it. This will be made easy if you keep your plans simple.

Legal rights when purchasing funeral services and products

According to the Federal Trade Commission Funeral Rule, a funeral home is supposed to avail you with the general price list once you make an inquiry. However, not all funeral homes adhere to this rule, and thus once you contact a funeral home and they are not willing to disclose the price list, it is better to move on to a more reliable service provider. Also a funeral home should allow you the option of purchasing goods outside at more affordable costs without additional charges and not give you a hard time.

Investigate your options

One of the options to consider is with regard to finances. There is the option of financial assistance, death benefits offered by some employers or unions, life insurance funds or even charity. Other alternatives to consider when planning on budget funerals in Sydney are cremation, home funeral or natural burial. The option of cremation is very cost effective as it will save you at least 40 to 50 percent of the cost as you will not need a casket and no cemetery costs. In addition a green burial is cheaper when compared to a traditional burial, while conducting your own funeral will certainly save you a lot of expenses.  In fact, being in control of and hosting your own funeral services is not only cheaper, but is a great tribute to your loved one.

You can plan a budget funeral that is special and a perfect send-off. For any questions on how to organize a budget funeral you can visit the websites of the firms that offer such services.

Benefits of an Outdoor Team Building Activity

The benefits of team building are nothing new, especially for those involved in managing teams. This is why companies spend a great deal of money to host team-bonding trips and activities for their employees. In fact, most employees look forward to such activities, which mean it is beneficial for both the company and its workers. When planning a team activity, it is, therefore, important to opt for something you can do outside the corners of the office.

Below are some of the reasons to consider an outdoor team building activity versus an indoor activity:

Change of Environment

This is the immediate reason that makes outdoor team bonding activities beneficial. When people work in the same environment on a 9-to-5 basis, 6 times a week for 365 days, then it will become tiresome for them. You might have planned a great team activity but they will not be as enthusiastic about it as compared to choosing an outdoor setting. If you decide to take the activity to an outdoor venue, your employees will be psyched about the change of setting. It does not remind them of work and they can adapt a relaxed demeanor.

Even though team bonding activities are supposed to reap a benefit, it should primarily be fun. Once the employees have fun, they are able to learn more from the experience.

Good for the Health

Another reason to consider holding your activities in an outdoor setting? It’s good for the health. Employees who spend 8 to 9 hours inside an air-conditioned office rarely ever get to enjoy the rays of the sun and the fresh air. By choosing to hold your activity outdoors, they will be able to enjoy both.

It Keeps Them Active

Aside from not being exposed to natural elements like the sun and fresh air, another disadvantage to working in the office is developing a sedentary lifestyle. Most employees spend 8 of the 9 hours in the office sitting at their desk while working on the computer. Both are potentially risky to your employees’ health in the long run. Therefore, active team building games will encourage them to be physically involved. When the employees are physically active, they will feel good emotionally and psychologically.

Unlimited Options

Finally, choosing an outdoor venue for a team building activity opens up a host of opportunities for games and activities. You are not limited by the space inside the office and you can do a lot of things. Whether you are planning to hold adult games, races, and other activities that challenge their fitness level, you can utilize the space available to you. You do not have to worry about the budget. You can even take advantage of the physical features of the outdoor venue to your advantages, such as rugged terrains and landscape.

When planning such activities for an outdoor setting, it is the organizer’s responsibility to check the environment with which you intend to use. You want to make the activity safe for everyone involved. By ensuring the safety of your employees, you will be able to help them maximize the benefits they are bound to enjoy.

The Benefits of Team Building

Are you wondering what the purposes of team building in Australia are? Well, worry no more because I have the answers for you. Team building is generally motivating employees in different corporate groups in Australia so as to improve productivity of the different companies. Now let us look at the different reasons for team building.

  •  To encourage individual members to cooperate together

Well, if you are living in Australia, you will notice that many individuals in corporate groups work together in order to share different skills and ideas so as to achieve set goals and objectives.

  • To unite members

Team building in Australia that companies do, for instance, makes people to come together and makes them feel they are sailing in the same boat. This facilitates them to be at ease with one another and to take part in competitive activities, thus resulting in productivity of the company.

  • To achieve goals and objectives

Generally, team building is all about motivating employees in different ways such as creating sporting and refreshment activity days. When employees are motivated in different ways, they get the morale to ensure that the company’s goals and objectives are met.

  • To enhance team spirit

For instance, when we look at team building in Australia, we will realize that a sense of team spirit is enhanced. This is because there is team development which reduces conflict among groups of an employees who need to work together to achieve a particular goal.

We have seen the various reasons for team building. Let us ask ourselves what could be happening if there is no team building in our various companies. Would the companies be able to meet their goals and objectives? Would we be getting the best services or products from these companies? Would there be unity among employees in these companies? Well, let me not ask any more questions. These are the consequences of lack of team building in our different companies:

1.      Goals and objectives are not fully met

This may be due to employees’ laziness to work and conflicts among them since they are not motivated to work. Goals and objectives are mainly met when the employees work together in team spirit and are motivated to do so. Team spirit results from team building as we had seen earlier.

2.      Poor services and products

Due to lack of team building, the employees will not work to their best so they will provide poor services or products to the customers since they only mind finishing their work.

3.      Conflicts among employees

Employees conflict because of different personalities or issues within the company. Team building brings employees together despite their differences. Disagreements among employees bring ineffectiveness since the employees are not ready to work together.

In conclusion, team building is all about team spirit so as to enforce employees to work together to meet the objectives and goals. We have also seen that without team building, there is no teamwork and team spirit.

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